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Becoming a Renter
Lease Information

Termination Leases

All Western Apartments leases are Termination Leases. This includes leases signed by new incoming tenants and existing tenants who require new leases due to change in roommates.

Termination leases differ from standard leases in that they do not automatically renew at the end of the lease term. At the time the lease is signed, the tenant(s) signs an agreement to end the tenancy (N11) stating that they will move out of the rental unit not later than 4pm on the last day of the lease.

Each applicant specified in the application is required to sign the lease before moving into a rental unit. As each tenant is held individually and jointly responsible for complying with all of the conditions specified in the lease, we encourage you to carefully read the information that accompanies the application form.

Application Required

Housing seeks to balance the needs of as many students as possible within the Western community. As such, tenants are required to re-apply for a lease after every lease. Western Apartments (including Platt's Lane, Bayfield, Beaver and Ausable Halls) are intended as transitional student housing and, not for the purpose of long-term permanent housing. New leases are offered at the discretion of the Housing Office.

The following are factors taken into consideration:

  • The tenant(s) must be enrolled in full time student study at Western University Main Campus. (Full time status as defined by the program of study)
  • Tenant(s) rent payment record is in good standing and there have not been major or frequent conduct issues.

Conduct issues may include noise complaints from community members, condition of unit, disrespect made to the Housing Office staff.

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